Churchill is among the leading providers of commercial real estate financing to the middle market. Churchill provides financing at various places in the capital structure, including first and second mortgages, mezzanine loans, and preferred equity. Churchill assists its borrowers in financing development projects, transitional properties, repositioning projects, and inventory loans. Churchill will originate and/or recapitalize construction loans, pre-development/acquisitions loans, and offers a one-stop solution for all capital requirements.

Churchill’s partners range from independent developers to large institutional sponsors, which value Churchill’s agility, and expertise in in structuring and executing complex financing solutions. Churchill provides these financing solutions throughout the United States and tends to focus on the well-known gateway cities, though Churchill finds compelling opportunities anywhere there are concentrations of capital and talent. In particular Churchill prides itself on:

  • Being well-positioned to take advantage of the gaps created in a down market given Churchill’s management’s collective experience navigating downturns
  • Providing flexibility, speed, and surety of execution – key themes sought by borrowers during volatile times;
  • Directly originating loans in order to achieve market leading deal terms and conservative capital structures

Typical Investment Parameters

  • Deal Size: $5-75mm
  • Loan Term: 1-5 years
  • Loan Types: Land, transitional, bridge, pre-development, construction, condo inventory
  • Structures Considered: First or second lien or A/B structures, mezzanine, preferred equity, note-on-note financing, repurchase facilities